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Welcome to Technical Metals

Technical Metals Ltd was established in 1984 and taken into private ownership in 1995 when it expanded its activities to include Anodising, Decorative Finishes, Bead Blasting and CNC machining of Aluminium parts. As part of the continued growth of Technical Metals Ltd they acquired Springco NI Ltd in 1999 and Abbicoil Springs Ltd in 2003 to compliment and add to their range of products and services to local and international companies. As a group we can offer the vendor a rationalisation for all of their manufacturing requirements.

Technical Metals offer customers a wide range of Anodising and Surface preparation processes, which include Clear, Black, Bright and Half Bright Anodising, Beadblasting, Buffing, Linishing, Clear Chem treatment and Aluprinting. Technical Metals are fully approved to AS9100 Rev C and ISO 9001. Technical Metals supply parts to customers in direct line feed ensuring that the correct parts are available for each production build, in the correct quantities at the required time.

Our services are provided to a wide range of customers including the Aerospace Industry, Defence, Telecommunications, Electronics, Computer, Pharmaceutical, Street Furniture, Architectural, Wind Turbine and General Engineering sectors. The company despatch worldwide to defined delivery dates thus managing customer’s stock levels with just in time product.

Technical Metals provide a quick, efficient, cost effective service to all our customers and take pride in building relationships that exceed our customer’s expectations.

The Company’s expertise in these areas is gained from many years’ experience servicing our customers both internationally and locally. Allied to close working relationships with our customers, our employees are committed, experienced operatives, with the flexibility and knowledge of customer expectation and quality requirements.

Technical Metals Group

The Technical Metals Group is a leading provider of high-quality metal products and springs. We have been in the industry since 1954 and have a rich history dating back to over 60 years. With our headquarters located in Newtownards and our branch in Portadown, both in Northern Ireland, we serve industries globally. Our expertise lies in designing and manufacturing a wide range of springs, including compression, tension, torsion, flat springs, wireforms, and exotic metal springs specializing in nickel and cobalt alloys. Our customers come from diverse sectors such as aerospace, space, offshore, medical, defense, renewable energy, power, nuclear, and general engineering. With our commitment to excellence and a track record of success, we are the go-to partner for all your spring needs. Partner with the Technical Metals Group today and experience the difference!

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